The Pacers Real Game Plan

Rumors are crazy right now and they’re only going to get crazier. It seems daily that a new trade scenario surfaces and it will probably increase. I have been piecing together the reported actions of  the Pacers and it’s brought me to a conclusion. The Pacers are not going for guys like David West. They are staying young. Here’s my evidence to what I believe the Pacers path will be at 12:01 A.M. Dec. 9th:

Exhibit A: Rajon Rondo rumor: If this rumor came from just any source, I wouldn’t buy it. But, Adrian Wojnarowski rarely ever comes out with false information and he was the one who broke this story. Rajon is 25 years old. Around the same age as Roy Hibbert (24), Tyler Hansbrough (26), Paul George (21), George Hill (25), and Darren Collison (24). So, you see our core is around the 26 and younger range and the Pacers were targeting someone in that range as well.

Exhibit B: Paul Millsap rumor: I’ll get a person every once in a while who isn’t exactly the biggest Mike Wells fan. Honestly, whether I’m crazy about him or not, he doesn’t bullshit me around. He’s never passed on a rumor that’s never had some truth to it. So, when he broke that the Pacers were interested in Paul Millsap, I knew there was something there. It makes sense though. He has about the same numbers as Nene and David West and he’s how old? 26! How old are those two? Nene? 29. David West? 31.

There’s a pattern here. Larry Bird and David Morway don’t want players five years away from retirement. They want a team that could spend a whole decade together. Let’s get to the topic of the article then. What do I think the Pacers plans are? Let’s dive in.

Move 1: Not give away, but send out feelers for Granger: Like I said above, the Pacers age range is around 26 and younger. Granger is not. He will be 29 come playoff time. You could argue that shooters games last longer, but that’s why Larry only tests the waters for him. Evidence of him being discussed in trades is the potential Rondo deal. I’m sure he would need to be involved. Some players to look at would be Eric Gordon. Rudy Gay, or Monta Ellis.

Move 2: Search for a power foward to not take over, but co-exist with Tyler: Paul Millsap would be a great pickup. There’s no way opposing teams would look forward to playing against guys who would almost literally beat them up like Millsap and Hansbrough would. Nene would be nice to grab to play at both big postitions, though he is a bit old and will almost certainly be overpriced. Jeff Green is rarely mentioned, probably because he’s a restricted free agent. He just seems to fit this team.Young, athletic, great off the court. I honestly think Jeff Green is Larry’s first choice.

Move 3: Save extra dough for Roy Hibbert, Paul George, and George Hill: Their paydays are coming. Larry has said many times that he will not use all of his money this offseason. Smart.

Move 4: Gnab great backups: Whether it’s through trades or not, Larry has said many times that he wants the best bench in the NBA. Don’t be suprised if some of those players are acquired within the next few weeks. If, Brendan Haywood is amnestied look for Larry to try and give Roy a great backup. Marco Belinelli could be our new sharpshooter off the bench as well.

Move 5: Amnesty Dahntay Jones or James Posey at the right time: There is zero reason to drop one of these guys the first minute they can. We have plenty of money. Which one will it be? Most of it will depend on who is picked up. Will we need extra cap space? If yes, James Posey be will dropped. If not, say bye-bye to Dahntay.

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Huge Pacers and Colts fan. 0-16 or 0-82 my loyalty will never die.

2 Responses to "The Pacers Real Game Plan"

  1. Zachary Brown says:

    If we get rid of Rush and Dahntay, it will be interesting to see if we could get Brandon Roy for pennies on the dollar after he gets amnestied. Pure fan speculation, but that would be pretty darn cool.

  2. David Dearing says:

    I just hope we don’t do anything TOO radical. I fear the Rondo trade would require giving up Darren AND someone like Roy, Tyler, or PG. I don’t think that’s something Larry’s interested in. Millsap, on the other hand? I’m totally cool with. Dude’s been a Pacer KILLER the past few seasons. Get him on our side so the damage he does could be in our favor for once!

    It’s definitely going to be an interesting next week or so.


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