Tandem of Gators Fill Holes for Pacers

I don’t know how this lockout is going to turn out. No one does. Currently I’m staring at a twitter feed hoping that another twelve-plus hour meeting will bring relief to a suffering fan base. No matter what, this lockout WILL end. Whether it’s tonight or tomorrow, the draft next year could be pivotal for our team. I’ve been scanning the college spectrum as much as I can and two players stick out to me and are realistic possibilities. They happen to be on the same team. Here’s my take on Patric Young and Bradley Beal:

Patric Young

Power Forward/Center

6’9/ 220lbs/ Sophomore

NBA potential: Serge Ibaka/ Dale Davis

This guy has a lot of potential defensively. He’s never gonna carry your team in points, but having a physical shot blocking presence can be huge when playoff time comes around. He’s a high flyer who will dunk on people and could learn a nice fifteen-foot jumper. I fell in love with Paul George two years ago, Patric is a front-runner to be my new favorite. Keep an eye out for him.

So far, Patric Young is averaging 9.5 points per game and 8.5 rebounds in this short season




Brad Beal

Shooting Guard

6’4/ 196lbs./ Freshman

NBA Potential: Eric Gordon, but a little less drving and a little more shooting.

The Pacers plans for the future is somewhat of a mystery. We all know Danny has been reportedly made unavailable in trades, but he’s going to be 29 soon. Paul George seems more of a natural fit at small foward, so that leaves the two spot open. Sure, he’s a bit short, but Brad Beal is a lights out shooter who’s getting Ray Allen comparisons from some scouts. He’s already lighting up college basketball in his first year and could make the same impact on the pros next year.

Currently averaging an astounding 16.3 points per game with 5 rpg. Sure, hes getting a lot of minutes at almost 32 a game. But, that’s promising for a freshman in college no matter how you look at it.



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Huge Pacers and Colts fan. 0-16 or 0-82 my loyalty will never die.

3 Responses to "Tandem of Gators Fill Holes for Pacers"

  1. bk92 says:

    Huge Brad Beal fan he is a really good player reminds me a lot of Ray Allen. Really not a Pat Young fan he got abused in the u18s this summer. I haven’t watched him much this season but will be watching the replays and focusing on him and Beal during draft time. He just doesn’t impress me much yet.. He has a Ben Wallace type body he just isnt any where near as good of defender / shot blocker IMO. He is certainly a physical beast he just needs to learn to play the game. I hope he stays another year at FL he still needs more seasoning IMO.

    Beal just plays the game the right way he is a treat to watch.

    • Brian Huser says:

      Yeah, Young as a freshman had some pretty bad numbers. Also, he was behind Vernon Mackiln. This year so far his numbers are much better and I feel he can be great, but of course that’s just my opinion. I wanna say Beal will be great, but there have been a lot of undersized two-guards who just haven’t made a great impact in the NBA. So, I take his great performances with a grain of salt.

  2. bk92 says:

    Brad Beal is a great defender for his size he is like Eric in that way. I dont take his games with a grain of salt the guy is 6″4 which is plenty big enough at the next level. The guy is gonna be a hell of a pro. The kid has no weakness he is a complete of player as there is in college basketball and has the skills that transfer. I dont know how you can doubt this kids game he plays with intelligence and plays for the team not just himself. He is the type of guy I want on the Pacers.

    If Jason Terry can be a good to great SG in the NBA player at 6’2 Brad Beal will have no issues.

    Mitch Richmond was 6″4 ish and he turned out pretty good that is who Beal reminds me of.

    Brad does need to bulk up a little but Eric Gordon was Beal’s size as a freshman and look at him now he looks like a body builder for his size. Eric didnt start driving in the NBA until he bulked up I see the same happening for Beal.

    Pat Young is just meh he is getting bullied this season just like he did in Lithuania for the u18′s. (I have watched all of FL games this season so far)

    He just needs to learn to play with a mean streak he just isnt physical enough right now. He does have that P word though plenty of potential and he is a big man they take longer to get it.


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