Possible Routes for Our Pacers

Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I know things are going great in Pacerland right now, but I just can’t help but look at the next step. I’ll live in the present with our boys when we win a championship. Now, we have 15 million in cap space and that makes for intriguing possiblities going forward. Here are some ways to go:

Scenario 1: Going after Chris Kaman: Kaman is a very talented center in this league who is being openly shopped by the New Orleans Hornets. Why? Dell Demps and David Stern are looking towards the future with this team and Kaman is holding back some of the younger talent. Honestly, this move doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for the Hornets. Both Kaman and Emeka Okafor are 29, they say they’re looking for youth so why aren’t they shopping Okafor? He has three more years on his contract which could hurt a rebuilding process while Kaman has only one year. Logic aside, Kaman would be a great pick-up at the right price. Problem is David Stern is holding that team hostage and is being very picky about what he gets back. Rumor is he wants young talent, draft picks, and to save cap space…… good luck.

Scenario 2: Bringing home Eric Gordon: This by far is the most popular one. The Pacers need a go-to scorer and Gordon is a home-town favorite. He becomes a restricted free agent at the end of the year and would be a great addition with some conditions. One condition is price. Gordon is a free agent. There are stupid GM’s who will pay anyone anything just to get them on their team, smart or not. So, Gordon could easily be outbid. Gordon is also a restricted free agent, so the Hornets may match anything the Pacers throw on the table. Reason three is even more important and is rarely mentioned. Injury. Everyone from Indy seems to find it convenient to forget this fact. Gordon has never played close to a full season and there’s good reason to believe that this is a pattern.

Scenario 3: Bringing in Wilson Chandler: I’m seemingly the only person who’s thought to bring this one up. He’s currently playing overseas in China right now and once their season is over he can sign with whatever team he wants. Here’s the thing, the Pacers are the only team with any real amount of money to sign him. His last team, the Nuggets, spent all of their money on Aaron Afflalo and Nene. The Sacramento Kings have almost ten million, the Cavs have seven…… yeah…. snore. If Wilson wants to be on a winner and make more than three million a year the Pacers can gnab him up in March. Frank Vogel’s “Seven Starters” would turn into eight and being in the Eastern Conference Finals this year becomes a real possibility. Our bench’s offense could run through him and our scoring would go up which is currently middle of the pack in the NBA.

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Huge Pacers and Colts fan. 0-16 or 0-82 my loyalty will never die.

2 Responses to "Possible Routes for Our Pacers"

  1. Sandman says:

    Isn’t Chandler a RFA though?

    • Brian Huser says:

      I’m almost positive the “restricted” part of his contract is voided at this point with playing overseas. This is a rare occurence so it’s never really come up.


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