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I understand trying to be a Pacers fan can be tough. It’s hard to cheer for teams you know nothing about. Now the monopoly that is ESPN should have some way of giving light where there’s none. Helping the sport by getting the unknown player’s names out there for everyone to be a better fan. Instead they make a whole website with a team of analysts and bloggers that follow the Heat and call it “The Heat Index”. Well, where they have failed you I will try and pick up the pieces. Here’s everything you need to know about Indiana Pacer, James Posey:

Height: 6’8

Weight: 217 lbs.

College: Xavier

Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio

Age: 34

Career average: 8.6 points per game/ 4.7 rebounds per game

2010- 2011 season average: 4.9 points per game/ 3 rebounds per game

Best year (2003-2004): 13.7 points per game/ 4.9 rebounds per game


Before anyone starts to get the wrong impression through this article, James Posey has had an amazing career. He was a key peice to winning two NBA championships with the Heat and the Celtics. Posey carved out a niche being a player who played with heart, defense, and perimeter shooting. He’s had a career a lot of ballers throughout the world would die to have. But, at the age he is at, there’s not much James can do anymore than chuck up threes after someone leaves him open.

 Now what can the Pacers get out of Posey? Sadly nothing much more than a tasty contract for other teams to want to jump. Posey being on the last year of his deal makes 7,595,600 and could be attractive for teams to unload better players with longer contracts. The rumored amnesty clause might kick into affect with him as well (The ability to drop a player from your cap space, but still pay him every cent which would just let us sign other players).  Using it on a player that doesn’t have such a long term deal seems sort of a waste, but Larry Bird and David Morway are looking pretty smart right now with nothing but light contracts on the books.

Look forward to more Player Profiles! Next player: A.J. Price

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Huge Pacers and Colts fan. 0-16 or 0-82 my loyalty will never die.
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12 Responses to "Player Profile: James Posey"

  1. Sandman says:

    I think Bird and Morway use the amnesty on Dahntay if they are going to use it.

    • Brian Huser says:

      Very possible. No one really know what their plans are right now. It’s either up to James Posey or Dahntay at this point. Also the amnesty clause could be held on to, it isn’t set in stone that the teams would only have to use it in the first year of the new deal.

      • Sandman says:

        According to the rumor, it would only apply to players already under contract. If the Pacers don’t use it this year, they’d pretty much be limited to using it on Dahntay or Danny and that would be it.

        • Brian Huser says:

          Well we all know they wouldn’t use it on Danny lol. I’ve honestly read about several versions of the amnesty clause. I don’t know which one is true in the new offer from the NBA. I have no idea if it will change. But in those circumstances then honestly I would go Posey. It was rumored Posey and Vogel had gotten face to face around playoff time. I don’t know they’re still at odds but that has to be taken into consideration. Dahntay is honestly still useful and is still quick enough to play defense and create his own shot. Who would you drop?

          • Zachary Brown says:

            I would use it on Dahntay, just out of a lack of other options.

            Posey will be gone soon and if not, he can be used easily in a trade like you two have said.

            If it is possible, I’d like to pocket it for later use if we need it at some point, but from what I’ve heard, we probably only would get to keep it for a couple of years.

  2. Sandman says:

    If Foster comes back, then I think we could cut Posey via amnesty(Foster fills the grizzled vet role and he is still serviceable at 34, while I wouldn’t exactly consider James to be serviceable under Vogel since his offense doesn’t rely on “Jack-up-a-3 with 15 seconds on the shot”). If Jeff retires or leaves in Free Agency, I think Dahntay goes and they keep James as the 12th man who mainly serves as a mentor role to the younger guys. I think Lance in particular could benefit for listening to James provided Posey doesn’t cop an attitude to Vogel in practice again.

    Posey wants to break into coaching, that would be a good way to get on his way.

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  4. Brian Huser says:

    I know these are spambots, but they make me happy

  5. Sandman says:

    Apparently the spambots love Posey!

  6. Sandman says:

    and this one definitely is a spambot!



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