Philly: Indy’s Mirror Image

The Philadelphia 76ers are in a way nipping at the heels of the Pacers. In another way, the Sixers seem to be ahead of us. Confused? Let me explain. The Pacers are currently a half a game ahead of Philly (6-2 vs. 5-2) and the Pacers are a loss tonight away from surrendering the third spot in the east to them. At the same time statistically the 76ers are spanking our blue and gold. Points and rebounds per game the Sixers are ranked third while they are only letting teams score 85.6 points per game. Which is best in the league. Though no matter if the Pacers win or lose tonight, their similarities will come in to play more and more into the future. Check this out:

Darren Collison/Jrue Holiday: Young point gaurds drafted in 2009 and are hoped to be the point guards of the future. They’ve both shown some major flashes, yet neither of them have busted through.

Andre Iguodala/ Danny Granger: Faces of the future through rebuilding stages. Both have been center of trade rumors for years and have been on the tipping point of superstar conversation.

Paul George/ Thaddeus Young: Long young players who should both be really playing the small forward spot despite certain circumstances. Great defensively. Their teams could go to a whole other level if they fullfil their potential.

Elton Brand/ David West: Older power forwards on younger teams. Each making eight figures. Injury problems have slowed each of them down. Great offensive game around basket and great fifteen foot jumpers.

Spencer Hawes/ Roy Hibbert: Young seven footers who are averaging double-doubles and over a block a game.

George Hill/Lou Williams: Combo guards who come off the bench to provide sparks. Also, you guessed it, both young. George and Lou are 25.


The Pacers and Sixers game will be a good one. But, I guarantee you that these similarities will come into play many more times in the future.


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Huge Pacers and Colts fan. 0-16 or 0-82 my loyalty will never die.

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