Pacers at Biggest Crossroads in Team History

There’s so many ways this Pacers team can go. Not only do we have an estimated 21 million dollars in potential cap space, but a lot of young and talented players who work their butts off. There are so many rumors going on that it can be hard to make sense of things. Well here’s a basic guide on how the dominos could fall:

Signing Nene: Nene would be a good fit even though he’s a bit older than our original core group. Yet, his sky-high field goal percentage, strong body, and cat-like quickness make him a great fit next to Roy. He also has the ability of playing next to Tyler Hansbrough as well. What’s next? The team would have to still grab a player who can score down the stretch of games. Nene would also cost a pretty penny. At least 10 million a year.

Trading for Monta Ellis: This hasn’t been in any rumors, but whoever reads my tweets knows I see these rumors coming. After the Warriors drafted Klay Thompson it looked as if Ellis’ time in Golden State was done. It’s also Larry’s job to check availability of all possible players, especially ones that are all-star caliber. I’m not gonna act like I know how the trade would go down.  It would either take Danny or Darren Collison (In a three-team trade). What’s next? Pacers would still need a big. Acquiring Monta Ellis’ contract is a bit of a hit unless we were to trade them Danny (which I doubt).

Trading fo Paul Millsap: Bruiser. Can only play power forward. Can score in bunches. Has a nice 17 -foot jump shot….. remind you of anyone? Cough! Tyler Hansbrough! There’s no problem with picking up another player like Tyler. Their effectiveness capabilities are off the chart. But, If Roy goes down…. you really don’t want one of them playing center and in the NBA it’s helpful to have players who can play multiple positions. What’s next? Pacers would still need a wing scorer and a solid backup center. Millsap’s contract is a lot better pill to swallow than signing most of the players out of free agency so signing players to fill other positions would be easier.

Signing Marc Gasol: What a bold and risky move for the Pacers. Even I, a die-hard Pacers fan who thinks about the path of my Indiana Pacers all day long, didn’t even think this one was possible. We all know that talented centers are rare in this league and it looks as if Larry wants to put a monopoly on them. He’s said he wants to go 12 players deep and being able to throw Roy Hibbert, Marc Gasol, and Jeff Foster at other centers has to make them want to cry. Can Gasol also play power forward? Does he want to sign here? I don’t know. I do know that this is a daring move and I’m proud the Pacers front office is looking into it. What’s next? This takes a lot of cap room. Gasol is a restricted free agent and we would need to break the bank for him. Almost to a max-contract level. Also, like I said before can he play power forward? If not, do we need to go get one?

Signing Jamal Crawford: General manager David Morway had mentioned picking up a veteran to show players how to win in close games. To the people who follow the Pacers as much as I do we all know he was talking about Crawford. Scoring points towards the end of  the game was our downfall in the playoffs. Crawford could be our solution. He can score like crazy and can hit big shots. What’s next? I honestly don’t know how much Jamal Crawford is going for or how much money is important to him. Indystar’s Mike Wells has said the interest is mutual between the Pacers and Crawford so maybe we could get him for a bit less.

Signing Marcus Thornton: Thornton is basically Crawford but younger and he’ll probably demand less. Yet, he doesn’t have that same mentality at the end of games that the veteran Crawford has and that can win you 5 more games in a season. What’s next? Crawford is cheaper and makes the possibility of picking up a great player in free agency next year.

So,  like I said in the title, this is the biggest crossroads in team history. But, also having one of the most exciting and down to earth coaches we’ve ever had, getting a city back from the Colts, and being against the big bad Knicks and Heat…. This could also be the best time to be a Pacers fan.

“This is going to be a fun and exciting era of Pacers basketball” -Frank Vogel

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Huge Pacers and Colts fan. 0-16 or 0-82 my loyalty will never die.
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2 Responses to "Pacers at Biggest Crossroads in Team History"

  1. Zachary Brown says:

    I really just don’t think that the front office wants to acquire Gasol to play next to Roy, honestly.

    If we get him (and that is a big if – today reports came out that he is very happy with Memphis and likely to go back), I think Roy will be heading out in a trade for a starting PF.

    Of course I am a huge fan of the theory that this is all a ploy to get MEM to overspend on Gasol so that they have to give us Mayo for close to nothing to fit the salary in their budget. Remember they also re-signed ZBo and already have Gay on a huge contract. Payback for screwing us over and then blaming us at the deadline? I wouldn’t put it past the uber-competitive man in charge here. Plus, then they can scoop up JMac off the free agent market with the MLE and we will be even.

  2. Kyle Brumback says:

    Yeah Gasol can stay in Memphis! Hibbert is younger And I think….I KNOW roy will be a better center. If the pacers move Roy I will move to memphis and live with Chant’s grandma so I can stil HIB HIB HAROOOY!


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