Lessons Pacers Must Learn By Playoffs

There’s two reasons of the NBA regular season. One is for working your way up and not only trying to get into the playoffs, but having the best record to get homecourt advantage. The second purpose is to improve on flaws. The Pacers, like every other team, have flaws. Here’s what needs to be worked on by the time the Pacers get into the big games.

Attacking the zone defense: This was very apparent versus the Sacramento Kings. The Kings turned to a zone defense and the Pacers were baffled into an eight point quarter and lost after having a large lead. The best way to beat this is with finding major matchup problems. Down in the paint with Roy or David West would probably be the best way to go.

Improving our own perimeter defense: The Magic showed us one of our major flaws.  With “help” defense our players would come in and aid players who are stuck in bad positions. Here’s the problem. The Pacer that came and helped out has now left a player wide open on the perimeter. The Magic pusnished by drilling three after three. The Pacers need to learn to expand after their defense contracts. To combat this players need to stay vocal and mentally tough.

Never forget about Roy: Roy is our best player right now. He’s so good the Magic felt they needed to double him even though he was being guarded by the consecutive three-time defensive player of the year. Not only is he shooting at a great percentage (over 52%, 14th in the NBA) but he’s averaging a double-double. Keep him involved, get the opposing bigs in foul trouble, doing that is even more important than field goals.

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