Danny Granger Now Full Time Leader (He’s Responding)

Jeff Foster is gone, never thought I’d say this but it could be one of the best things for this team. Not saying Jeff Foster isn’t a great player and wouldn’t have something to give if his career hadn’t been ended short by back injuries. But, this PacersĀ team was led by both Danny GrangerĀ and Jeff Foster. They were co-captains organizing team meetings in the lockout and keeping every player in check.

Since the players knew Fiesty Foster would be done Danny has averaged 21.5 points per game. He even seems to be growing into his groove as of late. He has been averaging 24.4 point per game in his last 5 games. It seems now that Granger knows this is his team. He’s taking it upon himself to be the anchor and he is flourishing. Now this is a small sample size of his career and maybe this all goes away. But, the coincidences certainly can’t be brushed away.

The playoffs are coming. We’re on the fast track to being in the third spot in the eastern conference. Now some say I might be a homer, but we can beat the Bulls. We made it a lot closer than people thought last year and now we’ve added David West, George Hill, Leandro Barbosa, Lou Amundson, and if Danny Granger keeps playing this way we could seriously beat them. Dare I say eastern conference finals? It may be more possible than people think.

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Huge Pacers and Colts fan. 0-16 or 0-82 my loyalty will never die.

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