Contraction: A Real Issue with the New CBA

I agree as much as anyone that the fighting between the owners and players has to stop. They’re bickering over mostly what are tiny system issues that honestly, I could go either way on. Like take the ability to sign-and-trade players with luxury tax paying teams. Over five years of the last CBA six trades were used under this criteria and none of them exactly changed the landscape of the NBA. Yet, both sides are fighting over it like it’ll save their children’s lives.

Though there is one change I find is important to fight over. The owners are trying to make it so that the player’s union would not have a say if the NBA were to contract the number of teams. This has been rumored to be a sticking point in the possible agreement. So, how many teams could they kick out? If they’re looking for teams with bad attendance and being in the red, would our Pacers get axed?

One team that comes to mind would be the New Orleans Hornets. The Hornets were bought by the NBA to keep the team alive after former ownership had to unload them. The NBA has had a hard time, especially with a lockout, to sell the team. Something tells me though that two teams would get the boot if the NBA were to contract to even out the Eastern and Western conferences. Cities such as Minnesota, Indiana, Charlotte, and even Sacramento could possibly lose out on basketball forever. So, I know all this waiting for basketball is hard, but this could be something to really fight for after all.

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