Area 55 Newsletter: vs Orlando Magic 1/24


Salutations fellow 55ers!

Wow!  Who’da thunk it.  When was the last time the Pacers have come back from a western road swing after winning 2 out of 3?.  This time we come away with stellar wins over Golden State and the vaunted Lakers.  And when you think about it, with our blowing that 16 point lead we had back in Sacramento, it sure could have been 3-3.

It looks like what everyone has been saying about us may just be true. Maybe we really are for real!

But hey, don’t tell anybody!  We’ve been doing just fine being the NBA’s best kept small-market, never-on-national-TV secret.  In a post-game interview after the Golden State steal (Thank you, George Hill!), Roy summed it up:

“I like to say to the guys in the locker room, we’re the best-kept secret,” Indiana center Roy Hibbert said. “Nobody’s talking about us. The Indiana Pacers are the best-kept secret. Let everybody talk about the teams and have them ranked ahead of us, and we’re just going to go ahead and just do our business and chop them down.”

Yes!  And here’s a little Bob Marley big, big tree-chopping music to use on Superman, Roy!

If you are the big, big tree
We are the small axe
Ready to cut you down
To cut you down
If you are the big, big tree, let me tell you that
We are the small axe
Ready to cut you down
To cut you down 


Yup, tonight, in Orlando, we have a very big tree to cut down.  It’s no time to rest on our laurels. It’s going to be another big test — an opportunity for our small axe to measure ourselves against another NBA team that has it going.  (Orlando, my friends, is 11-4 too).

No let up, 55ers! Get yellowed up big time and practice your screams!  Tonight we need to make things extra-difficult for the Dwight and his fellow Disney Boys.  Let’s chop them down!


PTO Doings:  Frigid conditions at the last PTO put a damper on a lot of the planned festivities, resulting in an impromptu adjournment sanctioned by PTO President Aaron “Brickyard” Coleman.  The result had most people stealing off to Scotty’s or other warmer venues.  Still a few diehard non-wusses braved the biting wind and hung out pre-game in the unnamed “Parking Lot Across From Arby’s” and shared their views on the state of Pacer Nation in general and our boys’ chances against Boston in particular.

As we go to print, still no word from the Prez about potential alternate sites for tonight’s PTO.  Brickie likes to keep us guessing.  He also enjoys shared suffering.  Dress warmly, 55ers and hope for the best!

Some Cottony Love for Big Roy!  Last night, in throwing in 18 big ones, pulling down 8 boards, and doling our 4 assists, all in the abbreviated space of 27 minutes, our idol and benefactor also gave up the bridge of his nose to a Kobe Bryant elbow.  A lot of high rollers in the NBA would have stayed in the locker room after something like that.  Not our Roy!  He elected to play wounded (and magnificently) in order to help the Pacers bring home an important marquee win.

Tonight, Area 55 will honor Roy for his effort.  Everybody in 101 is going to have some cotton or gauze stuck in their right nostril as a living memento of Roy Hibbert’s “Red Badge of Courage”.

Artificial blood on the cotton and gauze is optional.

Kudos to 55 Member and “Slick Smits” proprietor, Brian Huser for this excellent idea!

Hey, Let’s Get Lou’s Song Right!  Area 55 likes craziness.  That being the case, there’s something all of us can embrace when embraceable and loony Lou Amundsen takes the Court.  I’ve noticed that when this happens and particularly when Lou does something noteworthy, our Chant Leader and MVP, Kyle “Kielbeze” Brumback, has taken to leading us in singing the chorus from an old, old rock song –“Louie, Louie”.

Unfortunately, I’ve also noticed that neither Brumback, nor anyone else in Area 55, seems to know any of the words to this ditty beyond “Louie, Louie.”  Hell, I doubt that even Lou Amundsen knows the words to this largely indecipherable song.

Anyway, as a result, when Lou does something stellar, most of us have been belting out “Louie, Louie ay ay ay ay ay ay…”   It starts sort of well, but then our voices trail off into a mélange of confused harrumphing, babbling and gargling with everyone looking around for someone who actually knows more of the words.

To correct this deficiency, your Prez has gone out of his way to actually find the words to this strange, phony 1955 Calypso tune that The Kingsmen elected to jazz up and put on vinyl back in 1963.  Because no one could understand the words to “Louie Louie“ back then either, an urban legend grew up to the effect that “Louie Louie” was dirty.  Indeed, The Kingsmen’s version of the song was actually the subject of an FBI obscenity investigation (that ultimately ended without prosecution).  Owing to the misperception that the lyrics contained the F-word, it was also actually banned from the radio airwaves in Indiana back in the 60s.  So let’s at least get the Chorus and a verse or two down the next time we serenade Crazy Lou.

First, the music and vocals of Louie, Louie:

Now, the actual words to the song:

Louie Louie, oh no
Me gotta go
Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said
Louie Louie, oh baby
Me gotta go

Fine little girl waits for me
Catch a ship across the sea
Sail that ship about, all alone
Never know if I make it home


Three nights and days I sail the sea
Think of girl, constantly
On that ship, I dream she’s there
I smell the rose in her hair.


Okay, let’s give it to ‘em, right now!


See Jamaica, the moon above
It won’t be long, me see me love
Take her in my arms again
Tell her I’ll never leave again


Let’s take it on outa here now
Let’s go!!

Note:  If the Area 55 Audio/Visual Committee wants to do a highlight video of Lou (hint, hint!), here’s your background music, girls and boys.

Let’s Pick a New Nick for “Big Baby”!!!:  Orlando’s back up man for Dwight Howard is former Celtic Glen “Big Baby” Davis. Known for his rotund form and concomitant mental issues, Big Baby should be a logical target for Area 55’s special brand of love.

But why is Glen known as “Big Baby”?  Stay tuned.  You’re about to find out!

Glen Davis was given this unusual nickname when he was just 9 years old.  The donor was a youth league basketball coach. At the time of the christening little Glen was 5’6″, 160 pounds.  This made him too large to play pee-wee ball with his more runty peers.  Instead, Glen had to play with 12 year olds that were more his size.

Glen didn’t like this premature competition.  Apparently he used to whine, pout, and cry a lot when the older boys picked on him. His coach – an insensitive lout – was constantly telling him: “Stop crying, you big baby!”  The name, sadly for Glen, stuck.

Thereafter no matter what he did Glen Davis was remained a big, whiny fat kid — “Big Baby.”  The nickname affected his personality.  It made him overly sensitive and prone to giving statements to the press like this one:

“I would have to say [it is important to me to please others] just because of the way people perceive me to be,” he said. “They perceive me to be this fat guy who’s kind of just making it in the league, he’s just here. I want people to like me. I want people to say, ‘Hey this boy can really play, he can play the game, he is a great player.’

“I just want people to love me, to love Big Baby. That’s why I try to have people remember me for my personality, for who I am as a person, outgoing, having fun. I just want to be accepted.

“That’s just something I’ve learned in the offseason — a lot of people might not like you. You have to love yourself because at the end of the day when it’s all said and done, nobody’s going to take care of Glen but Glen. It’s just all about growing up. I’ve grown a lot this offseason and hopefully it will help me with my career.”

So, when he turned pro and came to be a Boston Celtic Glen felt it was time for a change:

“I’ve been called ‘Big Baby’ all through my life. But I’m going through changes. I’m in a cocoon and I’m coming out a different player, a different person. Basically, the new person is growth. I’m shedding that ‘Big Baby’ and you can see something else, not the past.”

So, like a beautiful butterfly, emerging from his cocoon, Glen felt a change was in order.  He requested that Boston fans give him a new nickname.  He solicited suggestions via his Twitter page [@GlenDavisNBA].

At first, he took to calling himself “Big Swole Baby” (presumably because, despite his years at LSU, the word “Swollen” never made it into his vocabulary.  See below:

However, when The Boston Metro’s sports columnist, Jeff Howe, suggested the nick “Uno Uno” — Spanish for Davis’ No. 11 jersey (in the spirit of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco), Glen reportedly “erupted in delight.”

“I like that,” said Glen. “I’ll be ‘Uno Uno.’ That’s my new name. Don’t call me ‘Big Baby’ any more. ‘Uno Uno.’ I’m serious. If somebody calls me (‘Big Baby’), I’ll be really mad. I’m going to blast that out on Twitter and Facebook.”

Unfortunately, the “Uno Uno” nick didn’t take — either in Boston (where Glen first tried it out) or more recently in Orlando (where “Big Baby” now finds himself after Boston gave him the heave-ho earlier this year).  Behavior like this didn’t help him shed the “Big Baby” image that dogged him in Boston:

Following this incident (which, I think, appropriately highlights Glen’s compelling blend of stupidity and sensitivity), some of the waggish fans in Boston came up with different nicknames for Glen.  These included:

“Big Crybaby” (yeah, Glen actually was crying on the bench after Kevin Garnett so callously hurt his feelings);

“Big Butterfly” (probably because of Glen’s “cocoon” thing);

“The Parade Float” (Big Baby marched one time in a New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade)

“Doscientos Noventa” (a Hispanic parody on “Uno Uno” and Glen’s 290 pound frame);

And my own personal favorite,

“Fat Mamba”

Anyway, maybe Area 55 can help Big Baby out with some other appropriate nickname choices.  Give it a shot!  It’s fun!

Well, duty calls.  Time to wind this up!  After all, a fan can only absorb so much vital info.

Remember, this game is a real biggie tonight.  Let’s give Dwight and his Cartoon Cast from Disneyland a memorable welcome to BLF and to Area 55!


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